Specialist courses

Seminars and Courses

Felchlin offers various day courses for bakers, confectioners and pastry chefs at the Condirama training centre. In addition to renowned external course instructors – including MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) – Felchlin's expert advisors also pass on their indepth industry knowledge to course participants.

Sharing know-how internationally

We encourage our sales partners all over the world to invite selected customers to Condirama for a seminar lasting several days. The focus is on dialogue between experts, the development of new ideas and putting unusual recipes into practice. The seminars are also a welcome opportunity to customise recipes according to national preferences.

Professional competence

Felchlin across the globe

Demonstrations and events that we plan and carry out with our sales partners are important tools on the international market. These visits are often combined with internal training. Our expert advisors will be on hand to present the latest products, recipes and applications. Customers are taken on a pleasurable journey into the world of fine chocolate, centred on the Felchlin Aroma World, and learn more about the passion and enthusiasm with which we practise our craft every day.

application tests

We consider all areas of application when developing a new product so that we can meet the strict market requirements. Our expert advisors in the Condirama carry out various application tests together with the development team.

Recipe Development and Design

New recipes and ideas are created in the Condirama. Our creative expert advisors test new combinations of flavours, while proven recipes are adapted to today's trends. The team regularly finds inspiration in couvertures from a variety of places.


Sales Training

It takes more than just the perfect product to market outstanding specialities. To ensure that your products are presented and sold in the best possible way, we will be happy to introduce your employees to the mysteries of chocolate. If you wish, we can also incorporate your own creations. The training, which lasts one to two hours, can take place at your company or externally. The training courses are organised in conjunction with on-site customer visits for our international clientele.

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