Fair Direct Cacao

In keeping with our self-imposed guidelines – the Cacao Sélection Felchlin – we trade according to the FAIR DIRECT CACAO philosophy: we work in a transparent partnership with local cacao farmers so that they benefit from fair conditions. By respecting the natural resources in the cacao-growing areas, they can be used in the long term and will be preserved for future generations.


Both in the procurement of raw materials, in the cooperation with cacao farmers and in the production of couvertures, as well as in relation to company processes and the training and further education of employees: we put our values of passion, flexibility and consistency into practice without compromise, both within and outside the company. We also strictly adhere to external guidelines to ensure quality and sustainability in all areas of the company and its products, as well as for the benefit of our partners.

Fair Direct Cacao

We source the cacao for our exquisite couvertures directly. Long-term contracts and relationships provide security for cocoa farmers. Fair prices enable them to use natural resources sustainably so that they are preserved for future generations. In return, Felchlin receives the finest cacao quality with multifaceted and intense aromas. FAIR DIRECT CACAO Because sustainability, transparency and quality are part of our philosophy at Felchlin.


We are committed to ensuring the sustainability of the raw ingredients we process through our own voluntary guidelines. We source raw ingredients of the highest quality, with multi-layered and expressive flavours. Transparency, fair conditions and working in harmony with nature are important to us. We ensure compliance with our guidelines by following these principles when sourcing cacao:


  • 1

    Every single cacao shipment is subjected to a sensory inspection to ensure it meets our requirements in terms of aroma.

  • 2

    To guarantee the high quality of our cacao, we pay prices that are far above the market price.

  • 3

    We only use cacao beans where the origin is clearly regulated and know who is responsible for the cultivation of the cacao beans we buy.

  • 4

    We are familiar with the working and production conditions on-site and are committed to ensuring that the cacao can be produced in a socially acceptable way for the farmers and their families and in harmony with nature.

  • 5

    We maintain close business relations on an equal footing with our local partners in the country of origin and visit them regularly.

  • 6

    We have a long-term commitment to ensure that future generations of farmers and producers also receive a share of their income.


• Cacao butter from first pressing, without the addition of other fats

• Cream and milk products as well as beet sugar from Swiss sources

• Natural soya lecithin GMO-free, sunflower lecithin

• Only genuine, pure vanilla from Madagascar