Flavour World

Pleasure for all the senses

Enjoying chocolate means appreciating it with all your senses. Embark on a journey through different flavours and intensities and experience the special character of each individual Felchlin couverture.

a world full of aromas

Each cacao bean has unique, intriguing flavours that are gradually unfurled through traditional processing and refinement. We will show you how the delicious couvertures can be combined with a wide variety of ingredients and how exquisite chocolate creations can be made.

Correct degustation

Assess the colour and surface of the chocolate.
Break the chocolate and listen to the "snap".
Rub the chocolate between two fingers. Feel the fineness and smell the fragrances.
Let it melt in your mouth.

Felchlin World of Flavours

Cacao intensity

[scale 1 to 10]

Each couverture has a different cacao percentage. The ‘cacao fruit’ illustration ranks the cacao intensity of each couverture on a scale of 1 to 10. The intensity varies depending on the origin of the cacao.


[perceptions listed chronologically]

Each couverture has different taste characteristics. The chronological sequence of flavours and the intensity on the palate are visually represented by the order and size of the ‘bubbles’.



Every couverture triggers emotions. We have noted what feelings the couvertures evoke in us – can you relate to them?

Possible combinations


A selection of suggestions and ideas on how to combine the couvertures with fruits, nuts, spices, floral and roasted flavours and other ingredients to create exquisite creations.