Felchlin Stories

Insight into the roots of Venezuelan cacao: a journey with Karl Schuler

05. April 2024

We live responsibility from origin to enjoyment around the world. Here is Karl Schuler's travelogue about the roots of Venezuelan cacao in our Maracaibo couvertures.

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Herbst 1924

23. January 2024

Do you know what the first product Max Felchlin made was?

Hint: It was certainly not couverture, but...

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Felchlin Grand Cru Couvertures – since 1999

01. January 2024

This year we are going to be celebrating a special anniversary - 25 years of Felchlin Grand Cru Couvertures. This milestone inspires us to reminisce on our journey and to recount the story of how Felchlin Grand Cru's, and in addition the closely related Cacao Sélection Standards, came into being a quarter of a century ago.

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Expanding our commitment to improved health care in the Cacao origin

09. October 2023

Thanks to the initiative of our client Confiserie Sprüngli AG and through a strategic partnership with Elucid GmbH and the support of our local partners, we are able to extend our commitment to professional basic health care to Ecuador and Venezuela. Both projects contribute to improving the health and protecting against extreme poverty of our cacao farmers and their families.

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On a visit to our partner in Madagascar

12. June 2023

During the middle of May, Mirko Schneckenburger, our Head of Marketing & Communications, was granted the opportunity to travel to Madagascar as part of our regular visits to our local partners. During his time there, he visited Philippe Mena, our long-standing partner on site and the founder of the company Sambirano SA, alongside the cacao farmers who cultivate our quality cacao in its natural state. See below for where he shares his impressions of the trip.

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New machines at Felchlin manufactory

17. May 2023

For some time now, two new machines have been complementing our production building.

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Heat recovery in the roasting process of our cocoa beans

16. March 2023

With regard to the challenge of producing more sustainably without compromising quality - heat recovery in the roasting process of our cocoa beans

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Change in Leadership at Max Felchlin AG, Schwyz

10. March 2023

After more than 30 years of constancy at the helm of Max Felchlin AG, a generational change is about to take place: Christian Aschwanden, our CEO, is handing over the manage-ment of our company to younger hands.

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Felchlin is a partner of the Galliker Green Logistics supporting association

21. February 2023

Responsibility for reducing CO2 emissions goes above and beyond the production site

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Bolivia 45% - 60h au Lait de Terroir

25. January 2023

Our new Grand Cru milk couverture

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Felchlin invests in the future

16. January 2023

Last Friday, the ground breaking ceremony for our new freight forwarding building took place in the presence of senior management, the architect, site manager and representatives of the municipality of Schwyz.

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Journey to the origin - Ghana

14. November 2022

On behalf of aroma, taste and health - Partner visit to Ghana

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04. July 2022

Grand Cru OPUS Lait and Blanc – made with single origin mountain meadow milk

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Partners visit in Ibach

18. April 2022

On behalf of aroma and taste – origin partners visit Felchlin in Switzerland

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28. March 2022

On behalf of aroma and taste – series on the purchasing philosophy at Felchlin – Cacaobutter

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Vegan Products

11. March 2022

Finest, vegan and organic certified confectionary masses from Felchlin Switzerland

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Crystal sugar

07. March 2022

On behalf of aroma and taste - series on the purchasing philosophy at Felchlin - crystal sugar

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25. February 2022

On behalf of aroma and taste - series on the purchasing philosophy at Felchlin - Vanilla

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Journey to the origin - Bolivia

08. February 2022

On behalf of aroma and taste – A Felchlin style business trip

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Milk powder

07. February 2022

On behalf of aroma and taste - series on the purchasing philosophy at Felchlin - Milk Powder

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New production line - Victorinox chocolate knives

20. January 2022

Felchlin commissions a new OneShot moulding line and optimises the existing processes, creating the conditions for a possible expansion of the product portfolio

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Felchlin Cacao Selection

13. January 2022

With self-imposed guidelines Felchlin ensures the uniqueness and purity of each individual product. – Felchlin FAIR DIRECT CACAO and Felchlin CACAO SELECTION

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17. December 2021

The «Salama Mateza» project, launched by Max Felchlin AG, mTOMADY and Sambirano SA, will enable and finance access to health insurance for 880 smallholder farmers and their families in the Sambirano Valley region of Madagascar over the next decade.

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