Devoted to indulgence

Felchlin has been producing couvertures for more than a century. The highest quality cacao beans from different growing regions are added to the best raw ingredients that Switzerland has to offer.

Made with passion and Tradition

Our 190 employees at the factory in Ibach-Schwyz dedicate themselves to one common goal: producing the world's finest couvertures with passion, profound expertise and careful, traditional craftsmanship.

Swiss Quality

We cultivate a fair, transparent and personal working relationship with the cacao farmers in the countries of origin. Careful processing of cacao beans using traditional craftsmanship, proven principles as well as sound expertise. The best ingredients from central Switzerland. Attractive jobs for around 190 employees, whose knowledge and skills we promote individually and with an eye to the future. All these aspects epitomise the highest Swiss quality as it is interpreted and embraced here at Felchlin.

Felchlin Grand Cru

The fine cacao known as ‘Cacao Sélection Felchlin’ is sourced from selected countries and specified regions. Complemented and blended with exquisite Swiss ingredients, the unique and intense flavours of the Grand Cru Cacao can fully unfold. However, the perfect result can only be achieved when combined with the expertise and passion that our employees have for processing cacao and for their craft: couvertures in their purest form.



As well as the award-winning dark exquisite couvertures, milk couvertures are one of Felchlin's specialities. The ingredients for this are the best raw produce from the region: biodiversity in the natural Swiss habitat contributes to the unique quality of milk produced by our cows. The cream and sugar also come from Switzerland. Other select ingredients, such as organic vanilla, are imported in accordance with the highest quality standards.


From the bean to the couverture: Felchlin handles every stage of processing at its headquarters in Ibach-Schwyz. Many stages of the production process are traditionally carried out by hand, for example the gentle roasting or the refined conching. Machines are used to aid the production process where appropriate and essential.


Regular further training in professional skills and knowledge ensures professional expertise. At Felchlin, our employees are passionate about the raw material cacao and the craft of chocolate making. It is precisely this combination that creates the most unique and exquisite Swiss couvertures.


Felchlin is a niche producer of fine Swiss couvertures. The company concentrates entirely on the quality and sustainable production of semi-finished products – for large and highly prestigious customers in the B2B sector. These include confectioners, bakeries, catering and industrial companies as well as renowned hotels all over the world.

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