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Felchlin has been one of the foremost companies in the creation of the finest Swiss chocolate and semi-finished products for more than a century.

From cocoa cultivation to processing: quality, transparency and sustainability are at the heart of everything the niche producer from central Switzerland does. Whether in its close cooperation with local cacao farmers, its renowned B2B customers and partners around the globe, or in all its business processes.

Grand cru

Grand Cru

Only the finest cocoa beans, many years of experience and passionate craftsmanship can create the refined couverture from Felchlin. Each bean harvested from the provinces of the ten countries of origin possesses unique, specific and intense flavours that are fully unfolded in the traditional Swiss processing.



Felchlin offers various one-day courses for bakers, confectioners and pastry chefs at the company's own Condirama training centre. In addition to renowned external course instructors – including MOFs (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) – Felchlin's expert advisors also pass on their profound industry knowledge to course participants.

Schweizer qualitaet


We rely on long-term, transparent and fair partnerships with cocoa farmers in the countries of origin, and set great store by careful processing of the cocoa beans using traditional craftsmanship, proven principles and sound specialist knowledge. We use the best ingredients from Central Switzerland and offer attractive jobs for around 190 employees, whose knowledge and skills we promote individually and with an eye to the future. All these aspects epitomise the highest Swiss quality as it is interpreted and embraced here at Felchlin.


Product highlights


The soil, nature and culture in the cacao growing areas bequeath on each cacao variety its own special character. At Felchlin, fine cacao from one of these origin regions is processed into Grand Cru couvertures with passion and consummate craftsmanship. As unique as the flavours of the individual beans of origin are, they are mirrored by the multi-faceted demands of our customers. In addition to origin couvertures, we also create blends of certified organic chocolate couvertures in accord with the art of sensory analysis.


Our high-quality, ready-to-use fillings based on couverture, fruit powder or almonds or hazelnuts are available in both firm or soft forms. The intensity of flavour of the fillings even used in small quantities gives your creations a unique taste experience. The simple and rational application enables the efficient production of interiors and fillings for pralines or truffles, mousses, baked goods and desserts.

Baking specialities

Ready-to-use almond masses, almond and hazelnut baking pastes and fruit fillings, processed from the finest raw materials, round off the product range. With seasonal offers such as pear or apple bakery mixes, typically authentic Swiss quality products are created.

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01. January 2024

This year we are going to be celebrating a special anniversary - 25 years of Felchlin Grand Cru Couvertures. This milestone inspires us to reminisce on our journey and to recount the story of how Felchlin Grand Cru's, and in addition the closely related Cacao Sélection Standards, came into being a quarter of a century ago.

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