Partners visit in Ibach

On behalf of aroma and taste – origin partners visit Felchlin in Switzerland

In the last months, we have had visits from three of our long-standing origin partners and friends. Firstly, Yayra Glover from Ghana, who works with farmers from the Suhum District to produce organic certified cacao beans. And secondly, Philippe Mena from Madagascar, who produces high-quality Sambirano premium cacao for Felchlin, together with his employees and farmers. And in mid-April, David and Hernan Vacaflores, who produce the rare Wild Cacao in Bolivia together with around 800 families, arrived in Ibach.

Visits like these are extremely valuable, because in addition to the purchasing team, other departments and Felchlin staff also get the opportunity to personally share their ideas and experience. We have implemented fantastic projects with these partners for the development of both our exquisite cacao and social initiatives. Such projects strengthen and enhance these partnerships.

As a recent example, we would like to mention the health insurance project we implemented together with Mtomady and Elucid. This has already been successfully executed in Madagascar under the name “Salama Mateza” (Healthy Mateza). And the roll-out is also now underway in Ghana under the name “Akwaaba” (Welcome). Felchlin customers are helping to fund both these projects. Since January "GEO protects the rainforest" is supporting the marketing for the “Wild Cacao”, this exceptional cacao variety from Bolivia.