New machines at Felchlin manufactory

For some time now, two new machines have been complementing our production building.

In the roasting department, you will now meet "Werni", our nut roaster. Werni was named in honour of a long-time employee, who after 13 years we had the pleasure of seeing off into a well-deserved retirement. The roaster is actually not new, but an extensively renovated copy of its predecessor, supplemented with the latest technology. One example is the completely new exhaust air installation with various cooling cyclones, which is an important fire protection measure.

Felchlin deliberately relies on a traditional roasting process, whereby the important view into the cooling vessel and regular sampling to check the degree of roasting is possible at any time. Because no sensor can replace the experienced eye of one of our long-standing employees.

Only a few steps away from the nut roaster, we come across a brand new almond roaster from Maseto Technologies. Although it physically replaces two old models, it is far more efficient and faster than its two predecessors combined. In addition, it has the highest hygiene standards and also sets the highest standards in terms of quality assurance. But here, too, we leave nothing to chance. Fine sorting, continuous monitoring of the system parameters and final quality checks are still carried out directly by our experienced staff.

In this way, only the best of the precious almonds from California and Valencia find their way into our products, and ultimately into the creations of our customers.