Milk powder

On behalf of aroma and taste - series on the purchasing philosophy at Felchlin - Milk Powder

This part of our series focuses on the sourcing of milk powder. The quality of the milk powder has a considerable influence on both the melt and taste of white and milk chocolates. The same credo applies here as well: the best couvertures require the best raw materials.

We use only milk powder of Swiss origin. We even go one step further. We procure the milk for our chocolates not only nationally, but for the most part even regionally. At least 75% of the milk powder we process comes from within a radius of just 30 km around our factory. In short, milk from local farmers whose cows graze on local meadows.

The exclusive hay milk from the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch, which we use for our Opus Lait and Opus Blanc couvertures, serves here as a model. The meadows of the biosphere have significant biodiversity and are extremely nutritious. The dairy cows from the biosphere are fed exclusively with this high-quality grass or hay, which in turn gives the milk its special taste and characteristics.

Such projects enable us, as a niche producer, to continue to supply our customers with the best ingredients that chocolate has to offer, both transparent and traceable.