Change in Leadership at Max Felchlin AG, Schwyz

After more than 30 years of constancy at the helm of Max Felchlin AG, a generational change is about to take place: Christian Aschwanden, our CEO, is handing over the manage-ment of our company to younger hands.

Christian Aschwanden has done an outstanding job over the past 30 years. From a small, economically troubled company, he has created a chocolate manufacturer of the highest quality, which enjoys the greatest acclaim in professional circles worldwide and is on an extremely solid financial footing. On behalf of the Felchlin family, the Board of Directors and the entire staff, I would like to thank him for his great achievements and wish him happiness, contentment and good health in the new phase of his life.

And I am happy to announce that in Thomas Truttmann we have found a successor who, thanks to his personality, his skills and his professional experience, will be able to seamlessly build on what has been achieved. Following an intensive selection process, Thomas Truttmann came out on top against a very large number of highly qualified competitors. Thanks to his track record, we are convinced that Thomas Truttmann will continue to cultivate and successfully develop Max Felchlin AG’s close ties with its customers in Switzerland and abroad. And his personality and professional experience lay the foundations for winning people over internally and meeting challenges from the outside together as a team.

Thomas Truttmann, 51, grew up in Zug and still lives there. He studied Business and Economics at the University of Fribourg (lic. rer. pol), specialising in marketing. He acquired his professional experience in a wide variety of positions at The Coca-Cola Company, Unilever and McDonald’s. Since March 2017, he has been Managing Director of Compass Group (Switzerland) AG, which he successfully led through the extremely difficult period of the pandemic.

Thomas Truttmann will be taking over as the new CEO of Max Felchlin AG from 1 August 2023.

For the Board of Directors of Max Felchlin AG

Marcel Müller, President of the Board of Directors