Expanding our commitment to improved health care in the Cacao origin

Thanks to the initiative of our client Confiserie Sprüngli AG and through a strategic partnership with Elucid GmbH and the support of our local partners, we are able to extend our commitment to professional basic health care to Ecuador and Venezuela. Both projects contribute to improving the health and protecting against extreme poverty of our cacao farmers and their families.

Elucid GmbH provides us with anonymised data on the positive impact on the health and livelihood of our cacao farmers for reporting online. With our commitment, we pursue Goal 1 «No Poverty» and Goal 3 «Health and Wellbeing» of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Thanks to the initiative of our client, Confiserie Sprüngli AG, and a strategic partnership with Elucid GmbH, we were able to extend our commitment to basic professional health care to Ecuador. The «Salud Esmeraldas» project makes it possible to enrol 450 cocoa farmers and their families in the Esemeraldas region in a health programme. These families receive comprehensive health insurance to ensure that they have access to basic health care and are protected from extreme poverty.

The programme includes support for enrolment in the national health insurance scheme, coverage of emergency and maternal care costs, and coverage of medication costs listed on the WHO or Ecuador's Essential Medicines List.

The project is being implemented in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the health authorities of Ecuador and our local partner, the Cooperative Aprocane.


With the valuable support of Confiserie Sprüngli AG and our partnership with Elucid GmbH, we are intensifying our efforts to provide basic health care in Venezuela for our cacao farmers. Our goal is to provide 450 families with access to basic health care to promote their health and protect them from extreme poverty.

The «Salud Sur del Lago» project includes covering the costs of medicines that are on the WHO list or that of Venezuela for essential medicines. It also covers emergency costs for urgent medical procedures, such as caesarean sections. Given the challenges in the Venezuelan health system, such as the shortage of medicines and medical supplies, close cooperation is being established with a local NGO to ensure the continuous supply of essential medicines and supplies to health care providers. The implementation is done in close coordination with the local and national health authorities in Venezuela as well as our local partner, Casa Franceschi.