Yves-Alain Braichet

Head of Condirama, Technical Consultant

After training as a baker-confectioner and confectioner-pâtissier-glacier in western Switzerland, Yves-Alain Braichet gained experience in various renowned hotels and catering establishments.

Later, Yves-Alain Braichet was able to contribute his skills as a product developer at Läderach. In addition to actively designing the product range and managing projects, he was also involved in demonstrations. Yves-Alain Braichet can be particularly proud of the Choco-Ateliers, which are very important for the company today, and which he set up and introduced independently at three locations. The Choco-Ateliers are worlds of experience that offer chocolate lovers an insight into the world of chocolate. Courses and events are also held there.

He then moved to the Richemont Competence Centre in Lucerne as a technical advisor and specialist teacher and was soon appointed deputy head of confectionery. In this role, he developed the book series "The Ideal Product", which now serves as the official new teaching material for Swiss bakery confectionery apprentices, and helped revise the "Grundlagenbuch Bäckerei-Konditorei-Confiserie"; valuable and indispensable works for our industry.

Max Felchlin AG can now also benefit from Yves-Alain Braichet's profound expertise. He is responsible for the recipe database, conducts specialist courses, helps customers with technical problems and will be in charge of the entire "Condirama" business unit from 2023. With his passion for our products, his structured approach, his experience and, last but not least, his empathetic and affable manner, he will contribute a great deal to the further development of the company.

Yves Alain Braichet PR5 B5056


2021 - 2022
  • 2021-2022, Book Series "The Ideal Product" Bakery, Confectionery 1 & 2, Confectionery
  • 2021, Revision of teaching material "Grundlagenbuch Bäckerei-Konditorei-Confiserie" (Basic book on bakery, confectionery and confectionery)