Matthias Frész

Corporate Pastry Chef

Matthias Frész grew up in Germany, where he trained as a confectioner and later completed the master course in the confectionery trade at the master school in Heidelberg. He gained valuable experience in various renowned businesses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, both in confectionery and upscale patisserie, and constantly expanded his expertise. Among other things, he managed the manufactory as head chocolatier at Max Chocolatier in Lucerne for 4 ½ years. His passion for high-quality food and his insatiable thirst for knowledge also led him to complete further training to become a chocolate sommelier, a DLG expert for bread and biscuits, and a master baker.

He was able to apply his skills as an examination expert for aspiring confectioners, as a specialist teacher at the Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Weinheim and as a member of various examination boards.

In 2019, Matthias Frész immortalised himself with his signature creations as co-author of the reference book "Chocolat und Confiserie".

He has been working for Felchlin as Corporate Pastry Chef since 2023 and enriches our team with his creative ideas and wealth of experience.

Matthias Fresz


  • Co-author of the reference book "Chocolat and Confiserie