Kalle Jungstedt

External seminar instructor

Chef Kalle Jungstedt, is the owner of a renowned chocolaterie and chocolate school in Stockholm, Sweden. With an impressive background spanning over 2 decades in top Nordic kitchens, Chef Jungstedt has honed his skills to perfection, crafting exquisite chocolates that epitomize precision, innovation, and the essence of Nordic cuisine.

Chef Jungstedt's unwavering commitment to quality shines through in every creation, as he meticulously selects and works exclusively with the finest Felchlin couvertures. But his influence extends beyond his own kitchen. Through his masterclasses, he invites participants from all corners of the globe to embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of chocolate and pastry.

With a warm and inviting demeanor, Chef Jungstedt creates an atmosphere that encourages creativity and interaction. His classes are a harmonious blend of education and enjoyment, empowering aspiring chefs and chocolate aficionados to embrace new perspectives and unleash their culinary potential.

In Chef Jungstedt's classes, participants delve into the realm of unique flavor combinations and cutting-edge techniques that set him apart. From unexpected fusions to meticulously balanced pairings, his creations captivate the palate and ignite the imagination.

Beyond the classroom, Chef Jungstedt's masterclasses have fostered a tight-knit global community of culinary enthusiasts. With over 2500 participants representing over 60 countries, his classes have become a vibrant melting pot of diverse cultures, forging lasting connections among like-minded individuals who share a passion for the art of chocolate.

Step into Chef Kalle Jungstedt's world, where culinary excellence intertwines with a friendly and approachable spirit. Whether you aspire to be a chef or simply revel in the wonders of chocolate, his classes offer an unforgettable opportunity to learn from a true master and experience the magic of his creations firsthand.

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